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Everybody Falls


But I did everything my Dad told me to,” Timmy pleaded, to a seemingly empty room, “So why am I here? I’m only nine.

An elderly stepped out of the darkness to his left, “Hey there kiddo,” the man said, “I’m here to hold your hand and take you with me, they are very excited to meet you kiddo.”

“I did the right thing Grandpa,” Timmy replied, “My Dad told me to tell him when, our step Dad hit or shoved my Mom, and I did, I texted him as soon as things happened. He told me he thought I was very brave and was on his way.”

“I know,” Grandpa replied, “You can’t be brave all the time, even the mightiest of heroes fall some time. There was an accident, but don’t worry buddy, it’s just one life, one day soon enough they will all be here with us.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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Message From Grammy

“Geez David it has been weeks, this can’t be healthy we need to make her stop,” Ginnifer said to her husband as they peered out their tiny kitchen window.

“You heard what she said,” her husband Blake said, “I think we just need to let her do whatever she needs to help her move on, you know how close they were.”

With a frustrated huff Ginnifer blew past her husband to confront their daughter who had been sitting on the tire swing like this every day since her Grandmothers passing. “Abbie,” she yelled, “I have had enough of this it is time to get on with life, and get off the swing, you have been waiting for something that is just impossible.”

At that moment a single doe poked its head out from the grove of trees just inside Abbies line of sight, as she looked up from the grass her eyes met the doe’s, causing an immediate smile and she said, “Yup there it is Mommy, that’s the sign Grammy told me to watch for when she was in Heaven, so I would know she is in Heaven and I’ll see her again someday.”


This weeks Five Sentence Fiction for the word: Waiting

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Lillie McFerrin Writes


Till Death

Our pastor told us today during services that what we get after this life we are judged, and it is decided whether we will spend the next life in the warm loving lights of heaven or the fiery wastelands of HeLL. I suppose there are no guarantees where we will end up, and we can only be mostly sure as our time comes. Oh I am sure so many look forward to seeing their friends and family and especially our pets because I don’t think one could ever call a place heaven without our furry friends. The line was short today, and the Angel telling us where to go was as beautiful as anyone I had ever seen. As I waited my turn and listened to the man in front of me talk about his excitement in seeing his long passed wife a smile came across as I realized my vows said “Till Death do us Part,” I guess it’s time be a single man again!


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 Lillie McFerrin Writes

Going Home?



               One of the biggest and most important questions in everyone’s life is one we still don’t have an answer for. What happens after we die? Are we sent to Heaven or Hell? Reincarnation? There are even theories out there that suggest we never really die, that we go to a different dimension and we live a life there and repeat over and over again.  Movies have us believing that it could be any number of different possibilities. Should we take the red pill or the green pill? Is there a brilliant white light at the end of the tunnel? Here’s the story of one moment who is beginning to find out just where he goes when his time is up.

               Lucas Bradley was a simple man living in a simple town. He was one of the few people who were lucky enough to find his true love in High School and it lasted. From there he went on to college, for business management, graduated near the top of his class, and from there he got a loan to open up his own book store with a loan from his father in law. Which he was able to pay back by the time he was 25.

               His wife turned out to be none other than his High School sweetheart, now named Scarlet Bradley.  She was never to get the grades that Lucas seemed to get so effortlessly, but her dreams were a little smaller than his so that was ok in her eyes. She went to college after High School, and obtained her Master’s in Education alongside Lucas, as he was starting up his book store business. While Lucas seemed to spend all of his waking hours either working in the bookstore, or reading books Scarlet enjoyed only having to work in the mornings and loved her summers off so she could be there for support whenever the business seemed to go down.

               In High School Scarlet was never the popular type, not because no one liked her but simply because she did not care to. She was of average height for a girl as she graduated. She had red hair, and the brightest green eyes anyone would ever see.  Her haired as always the perfect length just under her shoulder blades and almost always worn down. That is what attracted Lucas to her in the first place. He always described her as someone who could look gorgeous without having to try very hard.

               Like far too many guys in this day and age, Lucas of course wanted to keep himself reasonably presentable, but he was never one to obsess over exercising, or at times even coming his dark brown hair. If you were to see these two walking on the beach hand in hand, it would be hard for you not to wonder how a guy who looked like he did was able to get a girl as stunning as that. Lucas’ personal grooming skills helped him get a rugged look that some women seemed to like. He was about the same height as Scarlet, which was a little short for his age. What helped Lucas was the fact that he was genuinely the last nice guy in the world. He would open doors for anyone when he was at the fuel station, and almost always paid for the people behind him in a fast food drive thru. All these things and more are what drew Scarlet to him.

               Even now, when they are both done with school, and are starting to make a name for themselves, you can’t help but notice just how in love these two are. Lucas seemed to have it all. They were also good Christians who believed this life was only the beginning and when they leave this place they will be forever in Heaven or Home.

               It was a typical Sunday morning in the Bradley household. Scarlet woke up hours before Lucas did, went down stairs, started the coffee for the both of them, and then made pancakes for their every week Sunday breakfast. The smell of coffee and pancakes was always enough to get Lucas out of bed.

               Lucas tended to wear the same shirt and shorts to bed every night, which secretly disgusted Scarlet, but to Lucas it was just being smart. Why change clothes every night when all you do is sleep in them? He got out of bed and stretched and yawned and then followed in Scarlet’s steps and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

               “Good morning sleepy,” Scarlet said with a smile, “Gosh, I hope I didn’t wake you all these pancakes and coffee.” She waved her hand Vana White style, with a smile.

               “Man o man do I sure love you,” Lucas said, “You know one of these days I’m going to get up before you and make you breakfast.” He knew it would never happen.

               Scarlet rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless. She also knew it would never happen.

               Their house was big enough to have a dining room, and a rather large kitchen. In that kitchen they had a breakfast nook, a dark brown one, in the corner where they spent their Sunday morning breakfasts. They both sat down and began to talk about their plans for the day.

               “So,” Lucas began, “What kind of adventures do you have for our Sunday fun day this week?”

               “Oh Lucas I knew you would forget,” she said.

               Lucas looked at her across the table and tried to be cute about it, “Of course I didn’t forget,” he said, “I just can’t seem to think right now because I’m so lost in your green eyes.”

               “Oh shut it,” she said cutely, “That line hardly worked when we were in High School, do you really think it is going to work now? She finished eating and gathered up her plate and took it to the sink without another word.

               Lucas slowly got up from his seat and walked over to her and put his arms around her, “Hey,” he whispered, “You know I have clean up because you made breakfast, and you’re right I did forget, but whatever it is you go do it, and I’ll be find here watching football.”

               “You’re lucky my weakness is a man who is not afraid to do dishes,” she said, which of course Lucas knew.

               “Anyway,” she said, “I just have to go to the school for a few hours to help set up for our end of the year program.”

               Now Lucas remembered.

               “Yeah,” he said, “you win, no go upstairs and get ready I’ll finish these up.

               So Scarlet did just that. She knew that she didn’t need to be in her normal teacher attire so she grabbed a t-shirt and jeans, ran back down, kissed Lucas goodbye as he was finishing up drying the dishes and told him she loved him.

               Lucas never imagined that would be the last time that he would see Scarlet alive on this Earth.


To be continued…