Blood of the Feather


Probably the last of her kind, and in a way I think deep down she knew it, as I saw the loneliness in her eyes as I watched from afar. To take her life would be the pinnacle of my career, and maybe my life, it would end a life of suffering and safe the woman I love. The blood from that mystical bird would be mine, and would cure my wife of what ails her. As I take aim, and prepare myself to take the life of this beautiful golden feathered bird, I see the reason I cannot do this. On my left, I watch as another bird, though of many different colors approaches my target with love in his eyes, so I do what any man would do in my situation, I let them finish and then killed the male of course.


Lillie McFerrin Writes


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The Whimsical World of WillyGilly

Oh, I remember the first time I laid my eyes on WillyGIlly as if it were yesterday, my friend Zachary and I were playing guns in the woods behind my house when I saw the pink sun shine through the doorway that was left open. The world that was opened up to us was a world I would visit almost every single day as a boy. A world of faeries, and angels, protected by a pink sun and a green sky was the world I visited time and time again as a boy. We laughed and we played in WIllyGilly never knowing how important it would be to us later in life like it did last year, when the magic of WillyGilly removed my cancer so I could share with you my sons the magic that only WIllyGilly can do.