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Thank You Georgie


Petunia, (Pet for short) would be the first to admit that the church she was now sitting in was really one of the beautiful places in the world. On the eve of her fifteenth birthday as she sat straight up (like her mother said), and legs crossed (like her father said), she couldn’t stop the tears from welling under her bright green eyes.

“Stop it,” her Dad whispered, “Nothing you do or say will change our offering today, now gimme.”

Without another word Pet passed her six month old baby brother Georgie to her Dad who in turn passed him to the woman sitting next to him and on and on until Pastor Todd grabbed Georgie with is sweaty cold hands.

“Today,” Pastor Todd boomed as he held Georgie above his head, “The Millers have given us their first born son to die in the river just as She above demands so that we will live, Praise the Millers and bless our church!

Been awhile,but it’s time to get back to it. This is my entry for this weeks Five Sentence Fiction. The word was Offering. Be sure to click the link below to check out all the other submissions.

Lillie McFerrin Writes


Everybody Falls


But I did everything my Dad told me to,” Timmy pleaded, to a seemingly empty room, “So why am I here? I’m only nine.

An elderly stepped out of the darkness to his left, “Hey there kiddo,” the man said, “I’m here to hold your hand and take you with me, they are very excited to meet you kiddo.”

“I did the right thing Grandpa,” Timmy replied, “My Dad told me to tell him when, our step Dad hit or shoved my Mom, and I did, I texted him as soon as things happened. He told me he thought I was very brave and was on his way.”

“I know,” Grandpa replied, “You can’t be brave all the time, even the mightiest of heroes fall some time. There was an accident, but don’t worry buddy, it’s just one life, one day soon enough they will all be here with us.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

This way my entry into this weeks Five Sentence Fiction, with the word as Falling. Check out all the others and share the love! If you enjoyed it, I bet someone else will.

Don’t Let Them

This weeks Five Sentence Fiction was right up my alley, and I probably cheated a little with commas instead of periods, but I probably could have written a dozen more with this weeks word: DARKNESS


“It’s been twelve weeks kid,” Jonah Resh said, begging to his son in frustration, “Twelve weeks since we moved here, and twelve weeks I have given in and kept every light in the house on, I’m sorry Jaxxon but this is all in your head!f”

“Dad,” little Jaxxon whispered, “No no no, you aren’t getting it, I’m not scared I’m really not.”

Jonah brushed Jaxxons forever growing hair away from his eyes, this was something he started doing after Jaxxons mother lost her battle to cancer, it was easy to see her in his eyes. “What on Earth have I been leaving all the lights on every night all this time then,” he asked, “I know this is an old house, but there is nothing in the vents, I told you they are vents for the heat, good night.”

With a slam of the door Jaxxon was left with only the company of the stuffed bear his mother gave him, “Honey it’s ok,” said the bear in his mothers voice, “I’ll just keep fighting them, and keep them away from the two of you.”

“Momma,” Jaxxon cried, “You said you said if he turns the lights off they are gonna get him in the dark, just like they got you and there are more and,” Jaxxon screamed as the lights went off and the sound of dozens of little feet stampeding down the hall…”


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Lillie McFerrin Writes


My entry for this weeks Five Sentence Fiction. Not my favorite, but we all need a little Sci Fi in our lives.

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As corporal James T. Nova peered through the scope from the assumed safe place inside a heavily armed tank, he yelled back to his buddy Twong, “I can’t freaking believes this is happening dude, I mean seriously in less than 24 hours we will be fighting real live aliens in our own back yards.”

Twongs niche was more science than tanks and and sniper rifles, so it came as no surprise to James when he replied, “That’s ridiculous our ancestors should have been smart enough to realize that while we are out thinking we are just awesome cuz we can fly through space trying to see if we are alone in the universe, we spent lifetimes asking if we were alone, but no one asked if we should be looking for alien life?”

Nova waved his thoughts away with the flick of his wrist and a wave of his hand, “Yeah yeah,” he said, “I know I know, we’ll be fine this tank is state of the art, there is nothing that is going to get past us.”

At that moment the hatch of the smallest air craft opened, and began to drop a huge piece of metal in the shape of an oval with the words, “Little Boy 11” written on it surrounded by a wide variety of flags signifying the different nations of the aliens home planet. As it dropped faster and closer to the ground Nova could see the words painted underneath the flags, “Hey lookit there Twong they do write the same words we…,” was all Nova could get out before all that he knew was erased.

Message From Grammy

“Geez David it has been weeks, this can’t be healthy we need to make her stop,” Ginnifer said to her husband as they peered out their tiny kitchen window.

“You heard what she said,” her husband Blake said, “I think we just need to let her do whatever she needs to help her move on, you know how close they were.”

With a frustrated huff Ginnifer blew past her husband to confront their daughter who had been sitting on the tire swing like this every day since her Grandmothers passing. “Abbie,” she yelled, “I have had enough of this it is time to get on with life, and get off the swing, you have been waiting for something that is just impossible.”

At that moment a single doe poked its head out from the grove of trees just inside Abbies line of sight, as she looked up from the grass her eyes met the doe’s, causing an immediate smile and she said, “Yup there it is Mommy, that’s the sign Grammy told me to watch for when she was in Heaven, so I would know she is in Heaven and I’ll see her again someday.”


This weeks Five Sentence Fiction for the word: Waiting

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Lillie McFerrin Writes



“Mom, PLEASE,” four year old Ema said as pulled on her mothers, “Kiss the Cook,” apron, “Use your geeps Mom please!”

“Honey,” her mother said, “It has been two weeks two weeks since Scruffy was taken from our backyard. The GPS won’t do any good, just pray that he can use the map in his head. He’s a small dog sweetie, but I’m sorry we just don’t have the money to go driving around town again today.”

That night Ema slept on the couch, and remained there until her Mother woke her with a blood curdling scream.

“Mom,” Ema said, “Lookit, Scruffy is back Scruffy is back!”

With a growl that sounded more Bear than a tiny dog, Scruffy lunged at Ema blood dripping from the wounds on his face and hole where Scruffys eye was dangling, looking like the worlds most disgusting Bungee as it dangled back and forth as Scruffy attacked the little girl over and over, refusing to stop until Ema’s body lay still.


Five Sentence Fiction time! This week the word was MAPS. Make sure to check out the others as well!

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Till Death

Our pastor told us today during services that what we get after this life we are judged, and it is decided whether we will spend the next life in the warm loving lights of heaven or the fiery wastelands of HeLL. I suppose there are no guarantees where we will end up, and we can only be mostly sure as our time comes. Oh I am sure so many look forward to seeing their friends and family and especially our pets because I don’t think one could ever call a place heaven without our furry friends. The line was short today, and the Angel telling us where to go was as beautiful as anyone I had ever seen. As I waited my turn and listened to the man in front of me talk about his excitement in seeing his long passed wife a smile came across as I realized my vows said “Till Death do us Part,” I guess it’s time be a single man again!


My entry into this weeks Five Sentence Fiction, the word this week was Luminous. Please share if you like it, and constructive criticism if you don’t. Above all make sure you check out all the other great entries this week.


 Lillie McFerrin Writes

Training Wheels



“Are you sure you got a hold of me Daddy,”  four year old Davie said to his Dad as he started to move the pedals on his brand new big kid bike.

“Don’t worry about it little man,” his father replied as he began to push and let go of his son, and his bike. As Davie pedalled for the very first time on his own without training wheels he felt a swell of pride leading up to his heart and out of his eyes in the form of tears, he smiled.

As Davie turned back around to face his Dad he said, “You lied! You said you wouldn’t let go!”

The proud parent took Davies head, pressing it against his chest as he hugged his boy and said, “Well Davie, sometimes you need to feel secure in the fact I will be there for you when you fall, so you aren’t afraid to do things I know you can do without me.”

My Submission for Five Sentence Fictions word: SECURE! Make sure to like and share any of this weeks entries at.





Your first day of High School can be a terrifying thing even in the best of circumstances, and by the laws that govern the halls I was the tall geek with thick rimmed glasses. I felt my books being knocked to the ground, accompanied by the hyena like laughter that plagued the group of boys whose happiness usually depended on how miserable they can make others feel. This time around though the noise that followed wasn’t my books being kicked from one to the other, no, that sound was replaced by the thud of one body hitting another and then crashing into the lockers that littered the halls.

“Leave him the hell alone you prick,” an older boy yelled as my tormentors scattered at the sight of an actual fight. High School for me anyway got better each and every day, all because one kid stood up for me when no one else would, I only wish I was brave enough to return the favor just one of the times those some kids made my savior their new and only target.


My submission to this weeks Five Sentence Fiction. This weeks word: Fearless. Be sure to click below and check out all the others!


Thank the Rain




The first time I saw the kid I would be remiss if I said I paid more interest in him than just a passing glance. My balcony overlooking Wilbur street was the most amazing spot to read or nap when it was raining.. It was probably the tenth or eleventh time before I really took notice as the kid stood in the rain with the bowl held high collecting rainwater. I followed the boy to the hole underneath of our building and watched as he slowly slid the now full bowl into the hole, careful not to spill a drop. When I followed him in I was greeted by the boy and another young child, this one a girl who was handcuffed to a pole buried in the dirt who said, “Please help me, my brother has been taking care of us, the man never came back this time.”


My Five Sentence Fiction for the week. Make sure you check out others creation above!