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Today In A History With Facebook

Today was a great day in nerd history. In 1993 on September 10th, X-Files premiered on Fox. Promising to explore the truth that is out there. This is a completely non researched assumption of what facebook might have looked like back then 



Today In A History With FB: Mario Brothers!

Today in 1983 Mario Bros. was released in Japan. Can you imagine what Facebook would have looked like then? Try telling anyone that a fat plumber will help you make Millions!


Today in a History With Facebook: Google was founded!

Today in 1998 Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google! Here’s how facebook MIGHT have looked back then!!






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Facebook, A Satire History

A new addition to my blog. How different would things be if we had Facebook and social media on this day in history.

Hopefully they make you chuckle, and some will probably sound awesome to me, and lame by you. It’s cool it happens. My goal is not to offend anyone so hopefully I can maintain that. Now, the part I am most excited about, is getting some from you guys. Just look ahead a few days, or even early morning on a day when you think you have a hilarious idea to make one. All who do I’ll be more than happy to have your name under your post, with a link to your blog or website. So, let’s get our funny on. 



On September 6 1997 the world watched the funeral for the late Princess Di, who died in a car crash reportedly caused by paparazzi following and chasing her down.