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Today In A History With Facebook: Never Borrow Money From Your Family

Today, in 1789 the First President of America himself, borrowed money for the first time from a bank.


I Guess all the Presidents since who blamed the guy before them was right!


Mama Said






Mama told me not to worry when our mastas’  took her away that day. She said not to be sad cuz she knows that one day we can be together again, and to just keep writing my words cuz she was so proud to have a on who could read.. The mastas’ made me sleep in the fenced hog pen for I think a week or two. They come and told me they would be back in the morning to punish me for Mommas stealin too. The sun just come up and out the window I see that rope they use in trees when us slaves time is over or we make them mad, maybe after they put me in the tree I will see my Mama gain.

My entry for this weeks Five Sentence Fiction. This weeks word was fenced. 

Lillie McFerrin Writes