My entry for this weeks Five Sentence Fiction. Not my favorite, but we all need a little Sci Fi in our lives.

Make sure to check out all the others I’ll be sharing some of my favorites during the week!




As corporal James T. Nova peered through the scope from the assumed safe place inside a heavily armed tank, he yelled back to his buddy Twong, “I can’t freaking believes this is happening dude, I mean seriously in less than 24 hours we will be fighting real live aliens in our own back yards.”

Twongs niche was more science than tanks and and sniper rifles, so it came as no surprise to James when he replied, “That’s ridiculous our ancestors should have been smart enough to realize that while we are out thinking we are just awesome cuz we can fly through space trying to see if we are alone in the universe, we spent lifetimes asking if we were alone, but no one asked if we should be looking for alien life?”

Nova waved his thoughts away with the flick of his wrist and a wave of his hand, “Yeah yeah,” he said, “I know I know, we’ll be fine this tank is state of the art, there is nothing that is going to get past us.”

At that moment the hatch of the smallest air craft opened, and began to drop a huge piece of metal in the shape of an oval with the words, “Little Boy 11” written on it surrounded by a wide variety of flags signifying the different nations of the aliens home planet. As it dropped faster and closer to the ground Nova could see the words painted underneath the flags, “Hey lookit there Twong they do write the same words we…,” was all Nova could get out before all that he knew was erased.


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