Training Wheels



“Are you sure you got a hold of me Daddy,”  four year old Davie said to his Dad as he started to move the pedals on his brand new big kid bike.

“Don’t worry about it little man,” his father replied as he began to push and let go of his son, and his bike. As Davie pedalled for the very first time on his own without training wheels he felt a swell of pride leading up to his heart and out of his eyes in the form of tears, he smiled.

As Davie turned back around to face his Dad he said, “You lied! You said you wouldn’t let go!”

The proud parent took Davies head, pressing it against his chest as he hugged his boy and said, “Well Davie, sometimes you need to feel secure in the fact I will be there for you when you fall, so you aren’t afraid to do things I know you can do without me.”

My Submission for Five Sentence Fictions word: SECURE! Make sure to like and share any of this weeks entries at.




10 thoughts on “Training Wheels”

  1. I can connect with this as I faced the same with my child! While learning cycling, she turned back & said the same 🙂
    Well expressed!

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