Your first day of High School can be a terrifying thing even in the best of circumstances, and by the laws that govern the halls I was the tall geek with thick rimmed glasses. I felt my books being knocked to the ground, accompanied by the hyena like laughter that plagued the group of boys whose happiness usually depended on how miserable they can make others feel. This time around though the noise that followed wasn’t my books being kicked from one to the other, no, that sound was replaced by the thud of one body hitting another and then crashing into the lockers that littered the halls.

“Leave him the hell alone you prick,” an older boy yelled as my tormentors scattered at the sight of an actual fight. High School for me anyway got better each and every day, all because one kid stood up for me when no one else would, I only wish I was brave enough to return the favor just one of the times those some kids made my savior their new and only target.


My submission to this weeks Five Sentence Fiction. This weeks word: Fearless. Be sure to click below and check out all the others!



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