Thank the Rain




The first time I saw the kid I would be remiss if I said I paid more interest in him than just a passing glance. My balcony overlooking Wilbur street was the most amazing spot to read or nap when it was raining.. It was probably the tenth or eleventh time before I really took notice as the kid stood in the rain with the bowl held high collecting rainwater. I followed the boy to the hole underneath of our building and watched as he slowly slid the now full bowl into the hole, careful not to spill a drop. When I followed him in I was greeted by the boy and another young child, this one a girl who was handcuffed to a pole buried in the dirt who said, “Please help me, my brother has been taking care of us, the man never came back this time.”


My Five Sentence Fiction for the week. Make sure you check out others creation above! 


4 thoughts on “Thank the Rain”

  1. I think it is all about conscience! Some can neglect the most heinous crime happening in front of them and other cannot even ignore innocence that captivates mind and soul. This is beautifully written, thanks for sharing 🙂

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