The Price of I Wish


I suppose reading a story written by the dog could seem strange to someone if they were not me. One that was written by the dog and involved a magical genie granting the wishes of my families oldest son would seem stranger indeed.

None of them seem to notice that for every wish he makes one of them dies. I share this with world in hopes that it will find it’s way to the right hands to help others who come across him. He is speaking to the mirror right now wishing for the girl living next door to kiss him, and since I am the only one left I suppose this is. . .

My entry for this weeks Five Sentence Fiction. This weeks word was “Wish” read others submissions!

Lillie McFerrin Writes


5 thoughts on “The Price of I Wish”

    1. spam bot write nonsense and grammar all wrong, is funny to read have a nice day friend.

      (I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when reading these spambot comments, so I settle for replying to them. It’s kind of fun.)

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