Entry #5 – “Tell Us Your Elven Story”

Legendary Post


The Modern Elf

by Rlyons II

Xander threw the book onto the warm grass that Summer so graciously brings. “What a joke,” he tells his sister  nearby. Leaning against the oak tree that harbored the top half of the hammock that Xander was resting and reading on.

“I have no idea how you can not be a fan of Tolkien,” she replies still refusing to open her eyes, choosing instead to let the sun warm her face and eyelids. “You just finished all of his books in an afternoon, something no human could obviously do, and yet you laugh at the artistry that is Tolkien.”
“Please,” Xander says, “You and I both know what a piss poor interpretation of our race. Now everyone thinks we are either this fragile race or we serve Santa building toys in his workshop.” Xander gets up from his hammock and kicks the Tolkien books…

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