Returning Home

The people of Earth have dreamed of this moment since the beginning of time, and here we are about to land on the first planet that can support life. Cole Druthers landed on the alien planet in a clearing of which the scientists told him he would be able to land without incident.

Upon landing Cole was completely awestruck at the site he saw all around him. Abandoned buildings as far as the eye could, accompanied by roads, and street, and all of the many objects would could find on Earth. A sign on the ground caught his eye, and on this sign he read β€œTo those who find this planet, know that we humans systematically destroyed this planet with our desire for power, we have now moved on to a new planet with most of our technology to help us get started, and even as I write this our people have landed there and began to build massive stone structures to trap our technology in, in hopes that with it gone we will be able to do better this time.

Lillie McFerrin Writes


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