Five Sentence Fiction -New Kid-


Ten years old, and he was moving away from the only neighborhood he has ever known. Rudy Simon, lived on Magnolia Dr. his entire life, but today was moving day so every little thing in his life was changing. Rudy put his hands against the back of his parent’s station wagon as he watched boys he never played with play basketball, and girls he never talked to jump rope, his heart couldn’t hurt but ache.

“This time,” he said to himself as his nose pressed against the window, “This time it will be different.”

Rudy decided at that moment, he didn’t like who he was, and this was his change, play with the new kids, and to talk to the new girls, because when you are the new kid, anything is possible. 



Five Sentence Fiction is a lot of fun. Click the link to submit your own or to read what others are doing! I enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction -New Kid-”

  1. Very different perspective…interesting and fascinating. Not the first thing that would come to the mind reading a word like ‘ache’.
    very nice…makes me think of how perceptions vary…

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