Snow Angel Conclusion



Rick could hear Jane yelling at him to hurry up, but he just couldn’t move. He stared at the two snow angels and suddenly hating himself for ever not liking them.

“Rick,” Jane shouted from the car, “Rick move your ass now, we need to leave, the sooner we get to the hotel the sooner I can go to sleep, now come ON.”

Finally able to break the paralyzed feeling Rick had, he ran to the parking lot and went from car to car peering into each car thinking someone may have taken her and are getting ready to leave. Around his 4th or 5th car Jane came over to figure out what was going on.

Rick, “she said softly as she lifted her hand up and held his arm, “Where’s Allie?”

“I don’t freaking know Jane,” he yelled as he shook her hand off of him, “I went to the tree and saw there was 2 snow angels made, and one of them was tall and big enough to be a man who was even taller than me.”

“What,” Jane asked with tears beginning to stream down her face, “Where…where is she?”

Rick knew nothing was going to get done, if he stood there and listened to her whine. He was sad too, but what the hell good would it do to be so upset that you stand there and do nothing when your daughter could be anywhere right now.

“Jane,” Rick began, “How about you go inside again and see if maybe she went inside I’ll keep checking the cars and then the woods behind her snow angel tree ok?”

“Yeah,” she whispered, “That’s all it probably is, she’s just inside.”

As Jane walked away Rick started trying car doors to get a more thorough look inside the cars. She had to be around here somewhere he thought. Things like this just don’t happen in real life.

Meanwhile, Jane was opening up bathroom stalls, and poking her head under the locked ones, not caring if the people in them were mad at all. When your child missing you find that there isn’t a whole hell of  a lot that you do care about other than finding your child. Nothing.

Jane stood back up after looking in the last stall and leaned against the wall, tears streaming down her face. She places her hands over her mouth, and cried, and cried. One of the stalls opened just then, it was an elderly woman that she had just seen when she looked in the stall.

“Crazy bitch,” the old lady said, “What in the hell is a matter with you, snooping in on people like that?”

Jane ignored her, she also ignored the other 2 women who came out of the stalls and called her the same thing, and worse, than the old lady had. After what seemed like just a minute to Jane, but in reality was 10 minutes or more, she was able to compose herself and head back out to the car. She swept her hands down straitening up her jacket and skirt and returned to the lobby.

“Mommy,” Allie screamed when Jane got into the lobby.

Jane ran over to her and hugged her tighter than she probably she have, but she couldn’t help it, this must have been a blessing from God.

“Oh baby,” Jane said as she held her close, “Where were you?

“I’m sorry Mom,” she answered, “The nice guy that works here, saw me making my snow angel, and came to join me to make one too.”

“You scared the hell out of me Allie,” Jane said.

“He just brought me to this closet room, to show me the cool stuff he gets to use to clean the restrooms with,” Allie said, “Did you know that if someone misses, and poops on the  floor that he would have to pick it up? That is so gross.”

Jane just smiled and took her hand.

“Yeah I know Allie,” Jane said, “let’s go find Daddy huh?”

Allie nodded her head up and down swiftly. Even though the rest stop didn’t scare Allie, like it did her parents, but Allie knew she didn’t want to be out here for too long. The moment they stepped outside, they could see Rick by their car. From the distance, it was hard to tell what he was doing, but Jane figured he was probably smoking another damn secret.

Upon approaching Rick, Jane noticed he wasn’t smoking. Damn lucky she thought, she would have left his ass if he lit up another one. No, he wasn’t smoking, but tears were rolling down his face. He looked up and saw Jane and immediately embraced her.

“Oh my God Jane,” he said, “You were gone forever, I didn’t know what was going on. I checked every single car, inside, outside, and even underneath them. Back in the forest I thought I was on the right trail, because I saw something move but it wasn’t her.”

Rick took in a deep breath to try and compose himself so he could get this out as quickly as possible.

“Jane,” he began, “I….I…I got to the car and she.” He paused.

“What Rick,” she screamed, “What the hell are you talking about, I found…”

“Come here,” Rick interrupted.

Rick grabbed her hand and held on tight. Jane thought this was incredibly weird, she doesn’t think he has held her hand in 5 years. As they approached the car Jane could see shoes, the same purple and yellow shoes that Allie was wearing. Rick opened the car door and said something to Jane. Jane was lost, she wouldn’t have been able to hear him if he was blowing a blow horn in her ear.

In the back seat lay Allie. Her head was bleeding and there was blood dripping off the side of the seat to the floor below.  Her eyes were closed and her arms were crossed intersecting each. She was gone. Rick had time to investigate before his wife came over, and it looked like someone had beaten her over the head. They then left her in their car.

“Oh my God,” cried Jane, “My Baby! Allie.”

Jane ran to the open door, shoving Rick out of the way so suddenly he actually fell on the ground. He hit the ground with a loud thud and an obvious scream of pain.

“My baby,” she said, “This can’t be  real, this just can’t be I just saw you walking with me. I touched your hand. This can’t be real, it just can’t be.”

Rick remained on the ground watching her, knowing there is something he should do, he needed  comfort her. After all the fighting, they had done, he wasn’t even sure she would want.

“Jane honey,” he said  as he got up and put his hand on her shoulder, “We need to call th police.”

For the rest of their lives, everywhere they went after it snowed, they had seen a snowangel. 


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