© 2014 Robert D Lyons II



I started this blog not to long ago seeking input from people that were not friends and family. I encourage anyone and everyone to comment, share, facebook it, digg it, reddit it or whatever else there it out there. I seek to share my reading with any and everyone that I can. Many of the pt 1’s and such are the beginnings of a story i am putting in anupcoming self published book of short stories on Amazon, entitled “About Time,” after the short on this website. Please comment, share, and reblog, I would be more than happy to return the favor for the other writers out there.

However everything on this blog, that I have written, whether it be a part or a full story, does belong to me. © and all, so if you aren’t sure if it is ok to do something, just ask! 



HEY! Tell me what you think, MUCH appreciated!

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