Field Notes From Fatherhood

Warning: Explicit and offensive language. I’ve cleaned some of it up, replacing letters with symbols (which seems utterly silly, given the fact that you all know what the word is anyway), but still.

BItches_aeb925_18383411993: “Man, that chick is hot.”

2013: “Man, that bitch is hot.

Objectively, there’s not much difference between these two statements. They are both commenting on the general attractiveness of a woman, complimenting and objectifying her simultaneously.

But the second has different connotations, I think. Sure, the word ‘bitch’ has largely (but not entirely) lost its meaning of a nasty, unpleasant woman, but it’s still commonly used to denote something difficult and objectionable – “That test was a bitch!”

So what’s the deal with ‘bitch’ these days? Robin Thicke shows his subtle sauvity in wooing the ladies by declaiming “You the hottest bitch in this place!” in the summer’s #1 hit ‘Blurred Lines,’ a relentlessly…

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