Setting and tone – setting the tone

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I considered following up on my previous post but, to write about the potential of books is something that takes time, and time is limited today.

So let’s talk about something that is underrated. Let’s talk about setting.

I read all these posts talking about plot and characters and development and everything else, and I feel that the setting is brushed aside.

What is this setting?

You see, you can sum up the setting as the descriptions about the time and place where the story takes place. So if you’re writing about ancient japan, you can say that the setting is japan, for example the Sengoku period. Sounds easy right? You just have to do some research, create some characters and places, develop them a bit and it’s done. Wait, that doesn’t sound all that simple.

For me, setting can be also confused with the tone of the story. I’m…

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