It’s About Time pt II



               Prior to what you read about in the newspapers and in the seemingly endless news sites found on the internet in recent days, the little choices you make every single day have no  effect on the rest of the world. I’ve seen movies where society has virtually collapsed because someone traveled back in time and simply kissed a girl he never really kissed. It’s just not like that. Whether you really kiss your crush of ten years or not, isn’t going to affect anything farther than just the fact that you kissed her this time instead of not.

               To be honest though, I thought this was nothing more than a dream. I mean let’s be honest who would come to the conclusion that somehow things got changed, and I really was waking up next to a girl I’ve known since she was 10, and no she was perfectly comfortable kissing me and touching me. If you don’t think it’s a dream first, you are probably already crazy.

               After what seemed like hours, I stopped freaking out long enough to get some words out.

               “Clara, I mean,” I stammered “What is going on? Where the hell are we? Did you put something in my pop?”

               She finally peeled herself off me and looked up at me with the greenest eyes that I must have simply never noticed before. “Oh what are you talking about you goof?” she walked away and started getting dressed. “We are in the same place we have been for like what 6 months now?”

               She grabbed some flower looking tank top thing (I’m a guy sorry, I won’t be able to tell you exactly so you can visualize, just try and relate), and put it on over her nightgown undershirt. I stood there watching her trying to figure out what happened last night.  The last thing I remember was watching Buffy, and then…and then what? I’m here with a naked girl who I have always seen as a 10 year old? Creepy.

               Clara grabbed her jeans, slipped them on and then walked back over to me.

               “Thanks again,” she said, “I think my mom was just about ready to lose it. If you hadn’t stepped in and said those things I think she would have made an ass out of me, and her. So thank you sweets,”

               Sweets? What the hell?

               “I gotta go,” she said as she kissed me on the lips real quick, “I can’t be late today, I’ll grab your book bag for you when I’m off.”

               After that she walked out the door and shut it behind her leaving me to my thoughts to try and make sense of this. I looked around the room I was in, and I couldn’t help but notice how it was, just a weird mix of my stuff, and random girly things. The latest issue of Seventeen magazine was lying on the floor next to the bed.  I bent down to pick it up, but while doing so I noticed, something under the bed with a picture of the triforce from The Legend of Zelda. I grabbed that book and began to flip through the pages of that instead.

               I honestly didn’t know what to say or do. Alone in a strange bedroom that I’ve never seen before. I sat on the bed, flipping through the different magazines for about 10 minute, before I realized on top of everything else, I was bored.

               All of the sudden I heard the song Baby got Back coming from what sounded like a phone. Pulling the covers off I tried to find the thing. Finally I found it and answered. It was Clara.

               “Hey babes, “she began, “Don’t forget today you have to go turn in your paperwork today. I am sooo excited to start college with you.”

               Again, I must add…huh?

               That was enough for me; I dropped the phone and ran out the bedroom door, through a very clean museum like living room and out the door and emerged right next door to my house. Ok so at least I knew where I was, that was definitely a plus considering I knew nothing else. I looked around one last time, secretly hoping that if I stared at the sun I’d be startled and wake up. No such luck so I walked over to my house.            

               My mother was in the kitchen doing the dishes, and stopped when she saw me coming inside.

               “You ever going to stay the night here,” she said, “You know, where you actually live.”

               “Yah, “I stuttered, “Um, I don’t know what I was thinking, you can count me in for dinner tonight.”

               My mom looked surprised and she kind of turn her head like the way dogs do when they do the same. She didn’t say anything and turned around to finish the dishes.

“Mom,” I said softly, “Is there something going on?”

She scoffed a little bit and just walked out of the kitchen, leaving me alone with my thoughts again. I walked over to the fridge to see if there was any Pepsi to eat least quench my thirst while I tried to figure this stuff out.  I began to try to put everything that has happened together. I know just last night Clara and I were in my basement. Talking about graduation, and jobs and things then I went to bed. I did have a weird dream about her for the first time ever, but I’ve already tried pinching myself to wake me up and I’m still here so that didn’t work.

               The dream though. That was weird. There was a window above the sink where my Mom was washing dishes. As I was sitting at the table I became lost in what I could see out the window.  There really was nothing to see though. The leaves of an old oak tree that my Mom has been trying to get my dad to do something about for years. In her opinion it blocked her view of the neighborhood and said she just loves to watch people when she is doing dishes. Personally I think she has a crush on Mr. Grupp who moved in across the street last week. I saw him jogging the other day when I was on my way to work. Seemed like a typical jock to me who needed to be told to put his damn shirt back on.

               Enough of this thinking stuff, I need to go back downstairs and see what game I wanted to play on the SNES. Without giving it a second thought I went back down to my basement, and planned to do no thinking, and just chill on the nasty couch down there.

               As I walked downstairs and my basement came into view, I was secretly relieved. Like I said before, I know all these crazy time travel shows act like one small thing can change the world. Well my world seemed like it was still going just fine down here. It was time to pop in Super Punch Out and relax. As I reached the bottom step though I heard a shuffling behind me, underneath the basement steps. As I got down there, I turned around to see who was down there.

“Stevie,” The voice said, “We need to have a talk.”

Dad? My Dad was never down here. He stepped out from under the steps to where I could see him a little better in the light.

“Care to explain how you and Clara are now all the sudden an item?” he asked.

“Dad I don’t, “I stammered, “I don’t know what’s going on. You know what happened? How do you know?”

“Let’s talk,” He said and walked me over to the couch, “I know what’s going on because I’ve been there too.”



To be continued in Part III


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