Just A Kiss



They had never kissed before. Friends from the day they met. Never a question about whether there could be more than that. It was just what it was. They had been through a lot in their separate lives together. Both having cheated and cheated on. Both feeling like the world owed them nothing and they deserved just the same. Kandice and Jacob were their names. Though they didn’t know it, they wouldn’t have gotten through so many things if they hadn’t met each other.

They came into each others lives after both having their heart crushed by another. He was a lost cause who wanted nothing to do with anyone or anything. She was just looking for someone to love her. After many nights of talking on the phone, texting, and seeing each other here and there for lunch or coffee they started hanging out. It wasn’t weird or strange as it so often was when a guy and a girl first start hanging out. It was what it was. Two lost people hanging on to one another when they needed someone to help them get through the hard times. Never anything romantic, never anything more than what you saw. Friends. Deep down neither of them ever had a thing for the other. Never thought twice about anything like that, they were just two lost people helping one another.
They watched each other going from person to person. Thinking they were in love with this new guy or this new girl. Thinking each and every time that their luck had changed. Each and every time though, they would both be hurt and alone. Neither of them ever seemed to win. Never seemed to find what they were looking for.
One year to the day after they had first met Kandice saw him one day, and saw him a little differently. She was currently seeing one of those guys that she knew wasn’t right for her, yet couldn’t help it. Jacob had just been dumped by the same girl for a 3rd or 4th time, and she saw he was really down. She was always bother when he was down. Was always upset at the person who was making him down but this time she couldn’t fight this feeling in the back of her mind that she could be that person to not make him cry anymore. 
They spent the day together like they so often do when one of them has to deal with heart ache . He never said much but as always she made him feel better. They went out to eat, walked through downtown, and as always as just friends.
He was getting into bed that night when his phone rang. 
“Hey Kandice, what’s up,” he said.
There was silence for a long time. Jacob had just figured her and her guy had split up and she needed to stop crying before she could talk, so he waited. Almost five minutes he waited.
“Jacob,” she finally said, “I’m coming over and I want to kiss you. Michael and I are no longer together. I want to see you, I want to kiss you. Just one time. Just one kiss”
Jacob sat there for a minute or two and said nothing. He had never thought about Kandice like that. He didn’t know what was going on. He also knew, he wanted to kiss her as well. “Ok,” was all he said.
She hung up and drove on over to his house.
As so many nights they had spent together as friends had began, before she arrived he had started a bonfire out back, and turned on the radio. He sat there on the swing waiting for her, getting more and more nervous as the minutes passed.
She pulled up her hands sweating. A million things running through her mind, like what if he didn’t want her to, what if it was weird, what if it ruined their friendship. Most importantly though. What if she didn’t do it.
She walked to the back yard without thinking, saw him sitting their by the fire light, smiled at him and ran to him. Later on looking back, she wondered why she had started to run, all she could think of was that she didn’t want to change her mind, she didn’t want to talk herself out of it. 
He stood up before she got there, and when she did, she took her hands and place them on his cheeks and pulled his lips close to hers and they kissed. It wasn’t awkward, and it wasn’t weird. It wasn’t that big epic kiss you read about that hopeless romantics often dream about either. It was what it was. It was right.
Before either of them could say anything. Before they could both express to the other how amazing it was. She turned right around again, and left. She came all this way for one thing and she got it. It felt amazing. It felt right.
They had started out as friends so long ago. Both had their hearts broken so many times before they met one another. Had it broken just as many times since they had met. It all led up to this one moment. Where she drove all that way for just a kiss.


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